Family Petitions

We specialize in cases of family requests between parents, children, husbands, and siblings. The Law Office of Karina Zazueta, LLC has also worked on hundreds of cases that require an I-601 or I-601A immigration pardon before receiving permanent residence.

I-601A Waiver for Illegal Presence

If you have accumulated an illegal presence in the United States and are not eligible for adjustment status, you may be hesitant to leave for your consular interview for fear that you would be refused to re-enter. Fortunately, the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has created a new process that allows immediate family members of US citizens to request a provisional waiver of illegal presence while staying in the United States and before leaving for their immigrant visa interview at abroad.


The threat of deportation is a terribly traumatic and terrifying test. The idea of ​​being ripped from your family and the life you have become accustomed to is unimaginable. The Indianapolis immigration Attorneys at the Karina Zazueta Law Office understand the fear and uncertainty you are dealing with and can help you find a way of relief or defense to prevent the worst that happens.


If you cannot return to your home country due to a well-founded fear that you may be persecuted due to your race, religion, nationality, social status or political beliefs, you may qualify for relief from removal through an asylum request, retention or removal, or Convention Against Torture (CAT).

Voluntary Removal / Departure

If you are in an expulsion process and have no legal means to remain in the United States, you may qualify for a form of discretionary relief known as "voluntary departure." This essentially means that he would voluntarily await deportation. You can leave on your own terms without the stigma of being "deported."

While people who are being deported must leave the country within 30 days, they will be given 60-120 days to get their "affairs in order" and to make living arrangements in their home country. The main benefit of a voluntary departure is that you will not be automatically prevented from returning to the United States at a later time.

Citizenship through naturalization

If you have been living in the US as a legal permanent citizen or on a green card and are ready to pursue citizenship, we can help you take this next exciting step.

The naturalization process can be complex but we can save you valuable time, effort and expenses in preparing your application and make sure it is free of costly mistakes.

Benefits of Citizenship

Once citizenship is granted, you will have the right to vote, the right to government jobs, the right to apply for resident status for family members and the freedom to travel with an American passport that provides visa-free entry into many countries.


At The Law Office of Karina Zazueta, we are passionate about helping our clients through any criminal law issue such as DUI, insurance claims, white-collar crimes, and domestic matters. We make sure all clients get the best representation regardless of language or background. Our team will stand by you from beginning to end providing a clear understanding of what to expect as well as tailoring our strategy to meet your individual needs.

Many Other Services

Due to our background in immigration law, we have years of experience working with clients of all languages and backgrounds. No matter your legal status or criminal background, we are dedicated to helping clients get the best outcome.

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